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Please read these terms and conditions before using any GDC site. All GDC users have agreed to these terms. You must agree to these conditions in order to access the website. The “Amendment” section below explains how to change these terms of service.


You accept that you have given adequate and reasonable consideration to these terms and conditions of usage. We review, use, or show submissions (as defined in section 4 labeled “Submissions”) for publicity and promotion purposes.

Material Restrictions

We or our licensors or licensees own all content and materials on GDC Sites. These marks are owned by us or our licencors or licensees. Every right is reserved. You may download a single copy of the GDC Sites and any other Internet sites owned, operated, licensed, or controlled by us for your personal, noncommercial home use only if you: (a) keep all copyright and other proprietary notices intact; (b) do not modify the information, content, or materials; and (c) do not distribute or sell any copyright or other proprietary notices.

GDC Websites are only for personal use. You may not use the GDC Sites for monetary gain or to cause harm to us or others.


Unsolicited entries or submissions made through any GDC site (including games, rewards, contests, or promotions) are prohibited. In the event of a misunderstanding, User-Generated Content is considered a Submission. We will not be held liable in any way for the use or disclosure of any Submission. To be clear, you offer us (and our licensees and other approved users) a perpetual non-exclusive global royalty-free right to use and re-use your work in any way you see appropriate (the “Submissions License”). Any original music or recordings included in your Submissions must be licences directly from ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, or any other applicable performance rights organisation (and our licensees, distributors, agents, representatives and other authorized users). We grant you a non-exclusive licence to create derivative works based on our copyrighted works (in whole or in part) as long as you do not use our copyrighted works (in whole or in part) in your derivative work (and our licensees, distributors, agents, representatives, and other authorized users). Without such assignment, your licence to generate content based on our copyrighted works (in whole or in part) is meaningless. Whether or not we utilize your Submissions, we must obtain mandatory consents, agreements, and assignments.

You appoint us as your agent, and we have complete authority to enter into and execute any document or act required to confirm the rights, consents, agreements, assignments, and waivers granted in these documents.

We do not seek to have a confidential or fiduciary relationship as a result of your Submissions. If any “moral rights,” “ancillary rights,” or similar rights exist in or to the Submissions or us, all of the aforementioned are bound by the same non-enforcement agreement.

By accepting the Submissions License, you agree to ratify any earlier rights and consents grants, agreements, assignments, and waivers made by you with respect to Submissions given to us.

Enrollment and Security

When registering, please give correct and up-to-date information about yourself (the “Registration Data”). A violation of this agreement may result in your account being suspended or cancelled, as well as future access to any GDC Site (or any portion thereof)

The GDC Sites require you to (a) report any unauthorized use of your login, password, or other account information, as well as any other security breach. You also agree to log out at the end of every session.

We expressly disclaim any liability in the event of noncompliance.

Discussion Boards and Books

Public Forums are sections, sites, or features of GDC Sites where users or visitors can publish, share, view, and/or trade User-Generated Content with other GDC Site users, visitors, or general public members.

Information submitted to a GDC site via a Public Forum may be routed through our servers, third-party servers acting on our behalf, and the Internet. That the Public Forums and features are intended solely for public conversation. When you send data using these channels, it is not secure.

If you upload or post User-Generated Content under your username to a Public Forum, you are solely responsible for the consequences. You use UGC at your own risk in a public forum. For example, in any Public Forum, we disclaim all responsibility for user-provided comments, recommendations, or ideas.

This includes the removal or modification of User-Generated Content for any reason. If we decide to screen User-Generated Content, it may take longer to post. We may contact you if we have any queries about your User-Generated Content, including copyright, to check that you own or have permission to submit the work.

It is not appropriate to presume identities or affiliations in a public forum. Trading or investing exclusively on public information is not a good idea. We are not liable for any trading or investing choices made in response to User-Generated Content in a Public Forum.

Access to and browsing of User-Generated Content in Public Forums is subject to age limits and/or other processes, which we reserve the right to amend at any time without notice. The Public Forum will determine age and procedural limitations.