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Slingo is a cross between slots and bingo! To win at Slingo, players must mark off numbers as they spin on a board that resembles a bingo card. Symbols like the joker and the devil jump out mid-spin. Slingo comes in a variety of themes, each with crisp aesthetics and a fluid UX. Slingo is a lively game that everyone may play on any device! Regardless of the edition, Slingo is always simple, fast, and entertaining.

While Slingo has been around since the 1990s, it has never been more popular. Due to its popularity, there are numerous Slingo sites to choose from. There is something for everyone at these Slingo sites, whether you want to dial up the heat with Slingo Extreme or the intensity with Slingo Extreme. With over ten different Slingo games to choose from, no one will be disappointed.

What is Slingo?

To play a new game at an online casino or slots website can be intimidating, especially if you are new to online gambling. The good news is that Slingo is exceedingly simple to learn and master.

Choose Your Slingo Game

  • Upon entering the game, you will be given your bingo card, which contains the numbers you must match to the reels.
  • Each time you spin, 5 numbers or symbols will be shown for you to match.
  • Mark your numbers as they appear on the reels to win! This can be a line, column, or diagonal pattern, depending on the game.

Normal bingo games will automatically mark off your numbers. Not so in Slingo. You have a timer and must mark the numbers on your card that match the reels within the time limit or you lose them. Also, each spin has a time limit, so be sure you send those reels spinning before the timer runs out.

The Best Slingo Sites We Find

Finding the greatest online Slingo sites isn’t always straightforward. Finding the best Slingo sites might be difficult. Thankfully, it means working with over 300+ partners to learn everything about their online Slingo experience and how it compares to the competition.

After finding the greatest Slingo sites in the UK, we rank them so you can easily click through and join the best in the market. Having examined the common traits of top Slingo sites, let us now focus on the criteria used to compile our best Slingo sites lists.