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High volatility slots might be exciting and engaging, but they are also risky. Remember that casinos are companies, not charities. In the long term, the house always wins, therefore the more you play, the more likely you are to lose.

Fast-paced, high-volatility slots can swiftly drain your bankroll since large winnings might distract you from how much you’ve spent.

Play only with money you can lose. Don’t play slots or other casino games to win money. Use the casino’s tools for responsible gambling to gain better control.

A High Variance Slot

A high variance or high volatility slot is a game that is riskier to play but delivers higher payouts. Book of Dead is a high volatility slot.

Different Slots Better?

But not usually. It all depends on your preferences and playing style. High volatility slots favor gamers willing to take risks and manage the stress of sudden changes in balance.

Are All Jackpot Games Slots?

It’s simple to assume they are, but they are not. Lotteries usually have low or medium variation. For example, Mega Fortune and Hall of Gods by NetEnt are both low volatility slots with several progressive jackpots.

Can High Variance Slots Help Me Win?

It’s feasible but unlikely. These slots offer enormous maximum wins but few high-paying symbols. This makes excellent symbol combinations tougher to hit, and extra bonuses like free spins generally increase winning possibilities.

High Variance Vs. High Player Return

High variance does not equal high RTP (RTP). The return to player is a percentage that shows how much the slot machine pays back to the player over time. The slot’s variance is a useful indicator of the “risk” associated with that slot machine. Simply described, a low variance slot machine is a “low risk” machine that gives frequent modest wins and occasional medium winnings.

High variance slots are risky. It doesn’t pay out often, but it does occasionally.

Whether you choose low or high variance slots, always play slots with a high RTP. If a slot’s RTP is 97 percent, that indicates that for every £100 wagered, the player will receive £97 back over time.

Who Likes High Variance Slots?

Some casino goers like high variance slots. In exchange for the possibility to win a huge jackpot, many gamers are willing to take on higher risk. They know they won’t always win, but they might hit a massive jackpot. That is why Megaways slots are so popular in 2022. Most Megaways-powered online slots are high invariance and rewarding.

High Volatility Slots

This top ten list of high volatility slots can help you choose a new high variance slot to play. These slots have distinctive themes, engaging bonus games, and great graphics. All of them are high volatility slots that can pay out up to 12,000 times your bet.